Find the right sheen

Paint sheen can make a significant impact on the overlook look - the depth of the color & the reflection of natural light, as well as durability. 


Matte finish with virtually no shine. Ideally suited to ceilings and open living areas with lots of natural light including a Great Room, Dining Room or Bedroom. Easily hides imperfections. 

Durability - stain resistant & lightly scrubbable. Not well suited for high humidity areas. 


The most popular sheen choice for most rooms, eggshell is light shine and an ideal selection for whole house paint. 

Durability - resists dirt & stains, holds up well to washing. Not well suited for high humidity areas.


Medium shine that is perfect for high traffic areas or those needing more regular cleaning such a hallway or kid's room. Also works great for painted furniture.

Durability - very durable & washable.


High sheen with glossy appearance is deal for wet/high humidity areas, as well as trim, doors & cabinetry. 

Durability - highly stain resistant & extremely washable.